Val Thorens Zip Wire – La tyrOlienne

Val Thorens and Orelle introduced a zip wire ride for the season 2013/14.

It’s an interesting idea which not many other ski resorts, if any have done before. The idea is to ski to the Bouchet lift in Orelle and take it to the top. From there you can strap yourself into the harness and jump off the edge of the mountain.

It is safe, well as safe as any zip wire is. The difference with this one is that you starting and finishing on peak of a mountain. The departing peak is 3230m and you gently (ahem) steam across the valley 250m above the ground at 100km/h until you reach the other peak which is at 3000m.

Age limit is from 8 years old to 88 years old (not sure why 88, if you’re 89 years old and you want a go we recommend that lie about your age).

Val Thorens can get windy at the best of times so if the winds are really high they will most likely close the ride.

The Zip Wire costs 50€ and can be bought at the location.

If you were thinking what do you do with your skis or snowboard, don’t worry they strap them to your back so you carry them over with you.


Here is a little video about the ride!


And this is what it looks like when you ride it!

Someone riding it using a GoPro camera, you get a good idea of what it is like.