Val Thorens Makes Girl Pregnant!

OK OK we put our hands up, the title of this post isn’t 100% true (cue shocked face!).

Reports are coming in that a 45 year old lady gave birth to her baby girl even though she didn’t know she was pregnant. You maybe asking yourself why is this on Val Thorens best website?

The lady (Karine) was on holiday in Val Thorens when she got a pain and before you knew it a little girl popped out (I’m sure that is what happens, doesn’t it?). We are not sure if she had been drinking Marc de Savoie (a potent local shot, try it!) or not, but if she had been it would explain why the labour only lasted 15 mins.

Fortunately her sister-in-law was sleeping next door and was a trained prenatal nurse (what are the odds!) and delivered the baby.

For the mothers out there the baby weighed at 3.2Kilos .

The parents obviously would have to come up with a name for the new little girl, so we thought we would suggest a few for them, please join in!


Avalanche – She arrived in a hurry and their lives will never be the same

Piste – Because giving birth was a piece of piste

Kicker – Those little legs are going like a good’en

Bluebird – Because the day was a bluebird day!


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