Val Thorens girl Chloe Trespeuch gets Bronze!

19 year old Val Thorens girl Chloe Trespeuch has won Bronze in the Sochi Olympic games in the Snowboard Cross!

Chloe managed to place herself 13th in the first qualification, then got 1st in the second qualification.

This made sure she was into the quarter finals which she managed to take the win!

This followed with a 2nd place in the Semifinal and lined her up to have a great batter in the Final.


Chloe Trespeuch


She started well and positioned herself in a good position for the first half of the course, with a slight collision with another racer our Val Thorens girl lost sight of the lead. However not giving up she managed to get home 3rd for a Bronze medal!

For such a young lady she done very well!!

Lots of drinks tonight to celebrate her success in the Bowling, come along!!

Chloe Trespeuch Bronze


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