The end of season 2014/15 – Bye bye!

Nooooooo! It can’t be!
Sadly it is, the end of the season is here already, where did those 6 months go?

To be honest even though we don’t want to see the end of the skiing for another 6 months our body’s do! 🙂

We have had a blast once again, if you have ever thought about coming out to the Alps for the whole ski season we highly recommend it. It doesn’t matter how old you are or your level of skiing (that will improve), it doesn’t matter if you are a party animal or prefer piano bars, if you love to ski you will love it!
But be warned you might just want to come back the following season, and the one after that! It happened to us and we have lost count how many seasons we have been out here for!

Although the skiing in Val Thorens is over the resort actually opens up again in the summer for about a month. No more summer skiing anymore due to the Glacier getting smaller and smaller but plenty of other things to do. We spend a number of weeks out here in the summer to ‘relax’ and it really is a very nice place to be.

So onto next season Val Thorens have a few new additions planned for the resort, more on this in future posts.

As well as Val Thorens having an upgrade our website is well over due for a make over so we will be working hard on that over the summer. We have some great ideas to include!

Next season we will be sending out a newsletter type email which will include news, gossip about Val Thorens and the odd silly thing to keep you informed whilst you are not in resort. So sign up!

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Enjoy the summer and we will be back bigger and better for Val Thorens ski season 2015/2016!


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