How to Ski in the dark!

Following on from our previous blog post on How to be a Good Skier we are trying to answer the questions we get asked frequently, this time the question we are answering is:

How can I Ski in the dark?

It is an age old question that every skier has asked themselves so we feel we should do our best to answer it, so here goes.

Well the obvious answer would be to use a miners head torch, however we are going to provide some other options.

  • Drones are all the rage at the moment and the ski industry has also been affected, you can now have a drone following you to film your greatest skiing. Just replace the camera with a torch and instant mobile floodlight!
  • Sellotape a light to the front of your Skis / Snowboard to guide your way.
  • Laser beams, do we need to say any more?
  • Ski in a flood lit ski resort, really??
  • However there is another option you could choose, you could strap hundreds of LED lights to your body and let them illuminate your route in perfect glowyness.


A silly idea? I don’t think so check out this video!


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