Oh no who hacked our site!!!

For our regular readers you would have noticed our site looks different!

This is because a little scally-wag hacked our website and deleted all of our data. That was obviously very nice of them however it does mean we now have a blank site.

“Don’t worry we said, our hosting company has a backup, we can just recover from that.”

Those same scally-wags had not only got our site but most of the hosting companies sites and their customers sites too. So we called our hosting company (who we will not name and shame, just yet) and asked them to recover our site from their backup which they sold us (we will write a longer post on the ins and outs of all this at a later date).

“Oops our backup system stopped working a while ago and we have been meaning to get it fixed” – YOU WHAT!!

Needless to say we have moved to a new hosting company and as you can see a new site, which is actually better than the last as it works much better on mobile devices.

So please bare with us and keep coming back as new content will be online continuously for years to come.


PS: If you see this scally-wag, clip him around the ear for us would you!


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