This Extreme Skiing is easy isn’t it?

If you are like us here you probably watch or have watched many skiing videos. Some are in the park or lost in the back country and they all look amazing!

I think you have also probably been in a bar in a ski resort at some point watching these videos and said Yeah that looks easy, I could do that!  – or is that just us??

We have been to many ski competitions in our years including World Cup downhill events and we are always reminded that the TV doesn’t show the steepness of the slopes. Also on the Tele it can look like a tough black run and not the slippery solid ice that it really is.

So the other day we came across this video of the most insane ski line EVER! and once again the camera doesn’t give the skier enough credit. I actually heard myself say when watching the headcam feed of the run that doesn’t look that bad, just a long couloir and a little bit of darkness, easy.

Well for all the wallys out there who are just like me, once again the camera doesn’t show how hard this really is.

It’s not the fact that he needed to be airlifted on to the top of the line, or that it is steeper than vertical, or that it is only a few metres wide. It’s the speed, my god the SPEED!

He is not hanging around, if a marmotte suddenly ran out in front of him whilst going out for his morning walk the skier would probably be eating rock and growing a pair of angel wings.


So don’t say I could do that in the bar, just stand up, take your hat off and give him a round of applause as that took guts (and probably a lot of money) to ski.


Enjoy the show.


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