British Female Skier Breaks Pelvis

We all know that Skiing is a dangerous sport and accidents happen, that said the draw of an open off piste slope can be a little too tempting.

Sadly this week a British female skier broken her pelvis in Val Thorens after hitting a rock off piste. She was in a section just below the Col chairlift and was more “just off the piste” than off piste.

This is something to bare in mind, it is just as easy to hit a rock just off the piste as off piste but your insurance company will consider the two the same, Off Piste.

If you don’t have off piste insurance then it best to stay on the piste.

As for this young lady she was in very safe hands of the PGHM mountain recuse team who safely got her to Grenoble hospital.

This ski season hasn’t been the best so far and off piste is a little sketchy in places, please be careful out there kids!


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