Blocked Belleville road by fallen bolder

The local authorities have informed us that the main road up to Val Thorens has had a large bolder fallen on it!

Yes you read that right, what could be called as a ‘close call’ as traffic use this road constantly but thankfully the fallen rock did not hit any vehicle.

As you can see by these pictures taken by someone using the road it is quite a sizeable rock. The mess it has made to the road is quite substantial and it will take time to fix.

Belleville road blocked by bolder

Tomorrow of course being a Saturday is the main transfer day for the resorts in the Belleville valley like Val Thorens and Les Menuires so this will be quite the disruption.

Road after large rock hit it

The road is not open to vehicles however some cars might be able to pass. Trucks and buses will not be able to pass. An alternate route will be made available as soon as they can.

Saturday update: The road is still closed whilst they remove this large pebble, they have said it will be closed for the rest of the day. If you are trying to travel up or down today it is recommended that you change your travel plans to tomorrow.

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Update: As of 12:00 on the 28th Feb the road will not be able to use until the very earliest 18:00. Be warned there is a lot of traffic at the bottom and top of the road including many buses, it will take many hours to travel up or down this road.

Update: Some good news it looks like the road will now open a little earlier at 17:30 in both directions. There is still a lot of traffic in the area so there will be a long delay.





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