3 Valley Enduro this Sunday 6th!


For the past 11 years the 3 Valleys has hosted the 3 Valleys Enduro, this weekend sees the 12th edition!


Open to three categories: Pro Skiers/Snowboards, Amateur Skiers/Snowboards and Families.

The idea is encourage skiers to explore other areas of the 3 valleys which they would not normally visit. It is quite often the case we go on holiday and only ski in the resort we are staying in. Because the 3 valleys has a fantastic lift system it is easy for skiers to travel to other resorts and be back in time for cakes!


There are many events being held in many of the resorts and the emphasis is on fun, but you try telling the Pros and the seasonaires that!

Whatever the reason you enter an event don’t be too worried about coming last, it really is good fun and you’ll love it!


The Facts:

When: This Sunday 6th April 2014

Where: Many places all over the 3 valleys, here is a link to the official page with map of where all the events are.

To get you in the mood here is the teaser video, enjoy!




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